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Ali Dewi
Radiographer and Travel Blogger


  • Experienced radiographer with a passion for travel blogging.
  • Specializes in providing travel tips and crafting itineraries for those exploring Indonesia.
  • Dedicated to helping travelers uncover the beauty of Indonesia through his writing.
  • Aspires to transition into a full-time travel blogger.


  • Ali Dewi is not just a skilled radiographer; he’s also a dedicated travel blogger with a focus on showcasing the wonders of Indonesia. With his educational background and experience in medical ultrasound, Ali offers a unique perspective on both healthcare and travel.
  • In his professional role as a radiographer in a Singapore hospital, Ali plays a crucial role in healthcare, ensuring the well-being of patients. His commitment to care aligns with his approach to travel, where he prioritizes the safety and well-being of fellow adventurers. This perspective enhances his travel advice, emphasizing safe and enjoyable experiences.
  • Ali’s approach to writing is grounded in his love for exploration, both of new places and culinary delights. He believes that travel is about creating memorable, safe experiences, and his work reflects that philosophy.
  • Outside of his professional life, Ali maintains a healthy lifestyle by dedicating time to the gym, participating in marathons, and indulging in his love for food tasting.


Ali holds a Master of Medical Ultrasound in Radiologic Technology from Monash University, a prestigious institution that has equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in both healthcare and travel blogging.


Ali has completed additional training in radiologic technology and science, further enhancing his qualifications in his professional role.

Hobbies and Interests

In his free time, Ali enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness activities like gym workouts and marathons. His love for food tasting adds another layer to his travel adventures.

Future Goals

Ali’s ultimate ambition is to transition into a full-time travel blogger, allowing him to share the beauty of Indonesia with a broader audience. His journey towards this goal is marked by a passion for exploration, safety, culinary experiences, and the creation of engaging travel content.

Whether you’re an adventurer planning a trip to Indonesia or someone who values safety and well-being during your travels, Ali Dewi’s blog offers a captivating gateway to Indonesia’s culture and landscapes. Join him as he combines his expertise in healthcare with a passion for travel, one safe and unforgettable journey at a time.

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